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′Holy Joe′ and the warlike attitude of Jack Chick

Jack Chick comics are classified as hate literature and penalized by companies such as Google, Facebook or Amazon. His biographer Daniel Raeburn says that it is precisely that warlike attitude towards the world that sustains and gives meaning to his work. “When I leave here, I′m going to take everyone I can with Christ!” - said Jack Chick, after his three years fighting the Japanese. Like many other veterans, Jack barely talked about what he had seen and done on the front. His fourth comic ′El Santurrón′ or ′Holy Joe′ (1964) is an exception that is worth analyzing in particular detail.

Article by Pablo Fernández from Barcelona/Monday, January 13th 2020

This is an short translation of the original article published in Spanish by Entrelíneas: Revista de Arte as El santurrón y la actitud bélica de Jack Chick

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