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Aretha Franklin: Church, Sex and the Amazing Grace

The Queen of Soul has died and the following question acquires special relevance: what′s going on with her now? Will she live beyond the sad or happy memories that we have? Will she live beyond the unpublished recordings that will be released to take advantage of the news? For these questions we just have faith. Many European white people like me can hardly understand the interest that a woman so liberal and renowned as Aretha Franklin had for religious music. For most of us, religion is like hemorrhoids, something that is obviously always there - but you can′t talk to anyone. Aretha Franklin did not have that problem and recorded three gospel albums throughout her life: ′Songs Of Faith′ (1956), ′Amazing Grace′ (1972) and ′One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism′ (1987).

Article by Pablo Fernández from Barcelona/Sunday, January 19th 2020

This is an short translation of the original article published in Spanish by Entrelíneas: Revista de Arte as Aretha Franklin: La iglesia, el sexo y la gracia admirable

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